About Me



As a wee lad my future was forever marked by the Batman tv series when it appeared in 1966. Henceforth Batman,  bats, vampires and any combination thereof, became my personal obsession.  

I enjoyed drawing and dabbling in art in general for as long as I can remember. 


I predominantly work in clay and wax, but I do a fair amount of fabrication in styrene plastic, uret

I predominantly work in clay and wax, but I also do a fair amount  of fabrication in ren board, wood,  styrene and various foams; basically whatever feels right for the project. 



Various forms of music, listening, playing and creating; the work of the old masters and comic book artists of the 70's alike; horror movies, books, toys, media, all manner of critters, foliage and the world we inhabit fascinate me. All grist for the mill.