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Design, sculpting, molding, casting and painting for the toy and collectible sculpture industry.

Appearances and Events!

    In July I'll be at San Diego Comic Con, reach out on Facebook if you're floating around and you want to meet up!

    September I'll be at Horrorhound Weekend; Creatureplica will have a table, stop by to see us!

    October I'll be at New York Comic Con,I'm usually floating around the Diamond Select booth if you want to stop by ,shoot   the breeze or get something signed!

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Promotions and what not

I literally just put this site up and I'm adding stuff as I go along, so there'll be more gallery pics,  maybe some making of features, blog posts and products added in the next couple weeks!


I don't know ,you tell me! Ping me on social media and tell me what you'd be interested in seeing here!